Cocktail Rums

Savanna’s unrivalled expertise is reflected in our selection of characterful white rums that provide an array of original aromatic notes for bartenders to play with

Créol 52

White Agricole Rum

Lush, rich sugar cane distilled in a Savalle copper column

Lontan 57.5

White Overproof Grand Arôme Rum

Unique and iconic, combining a long molasses fermentation with distillation in a Savalle copper column


Traditional White Rum

Well rounded, elegant, and intense: a blend of Savanna’s traditional distillation methods and contemporary expertise.


Fine Rum Blend Aged in French Oak Casks and Vats

A blend of traditional rums aged for up to 4 years in French oak casks and vats

Limited Series

Original distillates, exclusive casks, and surprising blends are selected from Savanna’s finest rums for their rarity and exceptional qualities, then produced in very limited series for the most demanding connoisseurs.


This original project was born in 2023 around the most exceptional distillate from Savanna, the HERR, and a meeting of rum enthusiasts, the Savanna team, and Mika Barbaria, the founder of Swell de Spirits.

Edition Blanc Paris Herr

The Blanc Paris edition was born from the passion for Savanna rums of Atsushi Nakayama, the founder of the iconic Bar Lamp in Tokyo, shared by Shinichi Sato, the chef of the restaurant Blanc in Paris.

Art of rum by Yann Le Gall

Creating, innovating, and surprising have always been the guiding principles at Savanna.

L’Absolu 2023

With Absolu our master blender Thierry Grondin has given his creativity free rein, working alongside his team to select each cask, with no restrictions from among the oldest and most original rums in our cellars


Straight from the emblematic Savalle copper column, Créol Straight expresses all the flavors of a great agricultural rum at the raw degree of its distillation


Limited edition by Vast
exclusive rum blend

Fresh, fruity rum is a unique blend of two casks of very old traditional molasses rums distilled in a C20 column, and two other rums distilled in a Savalle copper column.

Old Rums

A cellar only a stone’s throw from the ocean, years of ageing in French oak casks, and a careful selection process make tasting each Savanna Old Rum an exceptional experience


The Original Distillery Blend

One of Savanna’s must-haves: a blend of molasses rums aged 5 years in the tropics in former cognac casks

Le Must

Finest Selection of Very Old Rums

A rich fusion of Traditional and Grand Arôme rums aged for up to 9 years, deep in Savanna's tropical cellars